About Us

Welcome To StoresOnWire!
is a men’s and women’s apparel and accessories brand, based in Columbus, Ohio and
founded for the sole purpose of helping people find their style with smart, fashionable and
affordable options!
From women’s pants, dresses, leggings and handbags to men’s
watches, jeans and shoes, we’ve got
everything a young guy or gal like you needs to show off their unique style, while staying modern
and fashionable at the same time!
Plus, we also feature several cool accessories that you really can’t afford to leave yo
ur home
without! Our Bluetooth headphones, smart watches and backpacks simply scratch the surface of
what you’ll discover upon browsing our store!
Having said that, part of our mission is making sure all our customers are happy and satisfied with
their ch
oices. After all, our store wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for our wonderful customers.
That’s why we want you to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products or
services and we will make sure all your questions are thoroughly
So, browse through our store and pick a piece or ten that you like! You will not regret this decision!
Thank you for choosing us to stay ahead in style!